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Learn fun new tricks & skills from your neighbours.
Teach one-off “microlessons” to people in your neighbourhood.

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Turn off the TV. Get off the couch.

Do fun new things.

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Learn to Paint.

Paint, sculpt, make, record, draw. You can learn it all on wepul.

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Code like a shoreditch hipster.

Whatever the coding language you want to dabble in. We' got it..

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Teach the things you love.

Record a video, set a price and time slots. Meet new people and teach the thing you love.

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We love "microlessons". Forget signing up to a 6 month course that cost mega bucks. Just learn that 1 trick you want and go have fun.


Find out what weird and wonderful things your neighbours can teach you. Not in the next town. Not in the next neighbourhood. In the next house!


Don't learning what you want. Learn serendipitously. Ever thought of learning to cook a Biryani, juggle Fire Poi, speak Arabic. You have now :)


Doing fun new things is what we're all about. Break the routine, surprise yourself. Do it all super cheap and on your doorstep. Tonight!


Use tech, to use tech less.

We're all fanatical about technology. But we're more fanatical about satisfying our unquenchable thirst for the new. That means ditching our phones for the night once in a while & meeting the weird and wonderful people in your neighbourhood who can teach you fun new things.


Do fun new things.

Watch videos of "Microlessons"

Don't guess how good the teacher is or worry they might have the wrong "vibe". Watch them performing the very skill you wanna learn.

Teach what you love.

Record your video, pick your timeslots and prices. Meet up, teach & get paid (or do it for free if you're feeling altruistic).


Find unusual things
right in your neighbourhood

No need to schlep across town. Find out what your neighbours can teach you, not 5 streets over. Next door!

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